I give occasional presentations for PDXScala and tech conferences. I'm pretty light on slides and heavy on talking and waving my arms around, so you may find the content puzzling. Yet people ask for slides so here they are.

Some of the slides done in remark have speaker notes, which you can toggle by pressing the p key.

2015 Pure Functional JDBC in Scala
PDF download link. Open source talk for Scala Symposium 2015 on the implementation of doobie. This is a slightly abbreviated version of the LambdaConf talk (see below).
2015 Programs as Values: Pure Functional Database Access in Scala
PDF download link. LambdaConf talk on the implementation of doobie.
2015 Nil, Null, null, Nothing, None, NaN
PDF download link. Beginner talk for PDXScala on the N-words.
2014 Pure-Functional Database Access in Scala
Overview of doobie v0.1 (obsolete).
2014 Introduction to Algebraic Types in Scala
PDXScala talk on sum and product types.
2014 Sweeping crap APIs under the rug.
LambdaConf lightning talk. See related tiny-world project for more of this.
2013 Introduction to Type Constraints in Scala
PDF download link. See repo for exercises.