about me

My name is Rob and I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife Joanna, daughter Ada, and cat Chicken. I am interested in alpine climbing and functional programming, but not really done much climbing since Ada was born. I have also been eating a lot of cookies, so if you want to climb Nanga Parbat I will need some time to train first.

I write software for the Gemini Observatory, mostly involving tools that astronomers use to plan and execute science observations. It is a fun job, and I am not looking for work. If you are a recruiter please leave me alone.

The name tpolecat is borrowed from a friend of mine who always signed up for online stuff as Tangley Polecat to better identify spam, and several others of us followed suit. I was unsure when joining Twitter and other such things so I used the fake name and somehow it has stuck.


If you wish to contact me, please find me on Twitter or GitHub or on IRC (the #scala channel on FreeNode is a good bet). I am not on LinkedIn or Facebook.